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The Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development (NDIGD) combines the existing world-class teaching and research faculty of the University of Notre Dame with a dedicated staff of experienced international development professionals, administrators, and researchers. Together we address the challenges of building just and equitable societies by leveraging the University’s signature strengths to promote development and human dignity worldwide. 

Drawing on experts across multiple disciplines, NDIGD conducts monitoring, evaluation, and training, and assists in strategic planning for and implementation of innovative global development programs. We maximize our impact through partnership with government agencies, non-governmental agencies, humanitarian organizations, foundations, and private corporations in the United States and overseas.

NDIGD cuts across academic fields to produce multidisciplinary knowledge on complex development challenges in areas related to: 

  • Commerce and Economic Development
  • Education
  • Energy, Environment, and Sustainability
  • Global Health
  • Governance and Rule of Law
  • Human Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Security and Peacebuilding

The University of Notre Dame, in keeping with its reputation as a premier Catholic university, brings to this enterprise an overarching commitment to the common good, infused with ethical values and grounded in respect for diverse cultures, religions and political systems. NDIGD responds to global development needs that are the core of the University’s Catholic mission.

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