Our Team

Our core staff is supported by several undergraduate interns, who provide administrative support, as well as dozens of graduate students and fellows, who provide research support. We also collaborate with hundreds of faculty, staff, and administrators throughout campus.

Tushi Baul

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Ashley Boccuzzi

Training Program Coordinator

Kevin Fink

Program Manager

Danice Brown Guzmán

Research Associate

Tom Hare

Senior Technical Associate

Jelena Jankovic

Program and Research Assistant

Lila Khatiwada

Senior Research Associate

Kevin Kho

Student Assistant

Jennifer Krauser

Program Coordinator

Ali Lodermeier

Research Program Coordinator

Ray Offenheiser

Director and Keough School Distinguished Professor of the Practice

Melissa Paulsen

Associate Director, Education and Training Programs and Keough School Concurrent Assistant Professor of the Practice

Paul Perrin

Monitoring and Evaluation Director and Keough School Concurrent Associate Professor of the Practice

Tom Purekal

Program Director, Applied Innovation

Estela Rivero

Research Associate

Frederick Rossi

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Luis Ruuska

Communications Specialist

Kate Sescleifer

Student Liaison to Catholic Relief Services

Michael Sweikar

Executive Director and Keough School Concurrent Assistant Professor of the Practice

Aviva Wulfsohn

Administrative Coordinator