Jelena Jankovic

Jelena Jankovic

Program and Research Assistant

Jelena Jankovic works as a program and research assistant in the Applied Innovation Division, who primarily provides support for the Connectivity, Electricity, and Education for Entrepreneurship (CE3) Project in Uganda and South Africa. She has worked for the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, the People's Office of the President of the Republic of Serbia, and Serbia’s Ministry of Youth and Sport prior to joining the private sector as a Sustainability and CSR Officer. She has substantial work experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors in her home country of Serbia. Jankovic served as a specialist, and advised government officials, member of parliaments, civil society members, and national and international organizations on social inclusion, youth, social responsibility and sustainable development. She has been involved in reviving the Sustained Dialogue Chapter at the University of Notre Dame, and has a major role in the ROTC-Peace Students Dialogue Initiative.

Jankovic holds a master's in international peace studies from the University of Notre Dame. She also holds a master's in strategies and methods of nonviolent social change, and a bachelor's in special education and rehabilitation from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Phone: 574-631-2940