A Sensory Experience

This post was written by Lucia Tiscornia, 2016 USAID | ND Global Development Fellow

One of the things I love about Cape Town is how much life it has. And by that I simply mean the huge variety of things you can do to enrich all of your senses. It is my second time in this city and it continues to amaze me. If you are into history, it has plenty to offer: from the Slave Lodge, with a strong commitment to raise awareness on human rights through its exhibitions, and the Castle of Good Hope, the oldest colonial building in South Africa, to Groot Constantia Manor House and Koopmans -de Wet House, representative of Dutch  life in the 18th and 19th centuries, to the District Six Museum, representative of the mixed memories of a vibrant community that was forcibly removed in the early 20th century. But there is also a lot to do if you love art: First Thursdays is an opportunity to get access to all art galleries in Cape Town on the first Thursday of every month, at night. The streets are buzzing with people! 

For the book fanatics, this is the place: the Book Lounge. Situated on the east side of downtown, this bookshop organizes all kinds of talks, book launches and activities. I seem to have arrived right on time for the Open Book Festival, which will take place at several locations scattered throughout the city. If you are into non-mainstream movies, you have to make sure you check out the Labia movie theater.     

As a coffee and tea drinker, I had to make sure I found the perfect spot, both to drink it and to buy it, so I can bring some home with me. I found this place back in 2011, during my first visit, and it is still my favorite: Origin Roasting, they have a wide variety of coffee and tea from different parts of the world, and now they have a bakery too! Another good one is Caffe Neo, which overlooks the promenade at Sea Point, one of the city’s neighborhoods.

And don’t even get me started on food, because I can write for hours! One of my favorite ones: the Royale Eatery on Long Street. They make the best burgers I’ve ever had, ever. I was born in a country that exports some of the best quality meat worldwide; so, if I say a burger is good, you better listen! But they also make some amazing smoothies, (you have to make sure you try their avocado and mint flavor), as well as pizza, and vegetarian dishes. If you are into seafood, a good place to try is Ocean Basket, they have restaurants scattered throughout the city and their seafood platters are really yummy!

There is no time to be bored in Cape Town, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get here!