Final Round of Data Collection for Clean Cookstoves for Health Project

Monitoring and evaluation specialist Lila Khatiwada (right) recently visited the Apac District of Uganda to evaluate the impact of clean cookstoves. Working with International Lifeline Fund, NDIGD is measuring changes in indoor air pollution (IAP) levels as related to firewood use, as well as the health impact of clean cookstoves among women and children in rural households. Communities who have received clean cookstoves are being compared with communities that have not received clean cookstoves. In addition to household surveys, researchers are taking IAP levels using IAP meters (as pictured above), which capture 24 hours of data on the average levels of particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide (CO) in the kitchen area. Khatiwada's visit marked the final round of data collection for this project. Data collection has been carried out in the same households for the past three years. The project is funded by the Hilton Foundation.