Partnership & Support

The Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development (NDIGD) has developed a wide spectrum of partnerships outside of the University with private and public entities, including local, regional, and national governments; corporations, foundations, and small businesses; non-governmental organization (NGOs) and non-profits; and think tanks, research centers, and other institutions of higher education.

These institutional partnerships—in addition to the personal networks of our experienced, well-networked staff—enable NDIGD to convene a unique set of both internal and external stakeholders to share publications, lessons learned, and research translating evidence to practice.

We use proprietary, sophisticated management architecture and systems to manage relations with our ever-growing network of strategic partners and believe that these partnerships can be put to the service of other institutes and centers within the Keough School and across Notre Dame.

Private Partners

The private sector is increasingly outspending governments and the rest of the public sector in global development investment. Investments from the private sector will shape nations, as well as impact businesses in communities throughout the world. The role of the private sector as a development actor is new and is creating challenging ethical dilemmas for organizations as they enter nations with weak institutions and corruption. Increasing levels and scale of corruption are robbing poor nations of the very resources they require to drive their own development.

Recognizing this, NDIGD created the Corporate Impact Program (CIP) for corporations, foundations, and small businesses with whom we partner. CIP members benefit by gaining access to talent both at Notre Dame and in-country; training on business ethics; insight on overcoming challenges by sharing best practices and lessons learned; and networking with Notre Dame experts, NGOs, and federal agencies in designing new corporate responsibility projects. Additionally, CIP members and other private sector partners benefit from NDIGD's world-class monitoring, evaluation, and learning experts. Learn more about the CIP.

Public Partners

Since its foundation, NDIGD has enjoyed and valued our partnerships with government agencies and other public sector partners, such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.S. Department of State, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, among others. We also have worked with in-country implementing agencies such as Blue Planet Network, Project Concern International, and 3ie.

In our work with the public sector, we often provide monitoring, evaluation, and learning services; administration of training and education programs; and cutting-edge technological and social innovations.

NDIGD places a high value on co-creation, using faculty expertise to complement the work of development practitioners. With a focus on evidence-based theories of change and impact-oriented programming, NDIGD bridges the divide between theory and practice.

Individual and Family Donors

At NDIGD, we are immensely grateful for the support we receive through individual and family gifts at all levels, which have supported or created many of our projects and programs over the years. Giving to NDIGD can be as simple as a small cash contribution through our secure donation page, or working with us on a larger project gift, which can be used to support or create specific, highly visible global development projects and/or programs in a satisfying, tangible way that can leave a sustainable legacy around the globe for generations to come.

Working with NDIGD on a larger project gift affords individuals and families the unique opportunity to directly impact poverty and inequality across the globe, as well as give to the University of Notre Dame and fulfill the vision of Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., our founder, to make Notre Dame “one of the most powerful means for doing good in this country.”

Projects and programs that result from larger project gifts often go beyond published results, and have extended to impactful, tangible results such as solar microgrids providing energy, wells providing water, and newly built schools providing education to the next generation. We recognize that individuals and families seek to impact global poverty and inequality through different avenues and are prepared to help you find a way to execute your vision in a way that aligns with our world-class expertise. Through working with our world-class monitoring, evaluation, and learning experts, individuals and families can learn about the impact and efficacy of their gift(s).

To learn more about how NDIGD can work with you or your family to achieve specific, sustainable change in communities across the globe through a project gift, please contact Michael Sweikar.

Notre Dame Faculty, Students, and Researchers

NDIGD's work with our larger private and public partners is made possible, in part, through our one-on-one partnerships with faculty, students, and researchers right here at the University of Notre Dame. At NDIGD, there is a wide range of exciting academic, research, and professional opportunities for Notre Dame personnel to take advantage of. Learn more.