Bon Sel Dayiti: The Good Salt of Haiti

Country: Haiti Project Lead: Dept. of Art, Art History & Design Notre Dame Collaborators: Center for Social Concerns

University of Notre Dame graphic design students, led by professor Robert Sedlack, collaborated with MBA students working under professor Joe Guiltinan and the Haiti Program to establish a viable brand of salt in Haiti: Bon Sel Dayiti (The Good Salt of Haiti). The Haiti Program developed Bon Sel Dayiti as a salt that was co-fortified with iodine and medication to fight lymphatic filariasis. As the Haiti Program's co-fortified salt was designed to fight disease, to be most effective it needed to be used correctly. The students studied Haitian culture and buying patterns and worked to design a label that would convey culturally appropriate messaging. The student teams then designed and launched marketing strategies for distributing and using the co-fortified salt.