Global Business Ethics Program

Date Range: 2001-Present Project Lead: Mendoza College of Business

In 2001, the Mendoza College of Business established an institute with the vision to advocate for ethical business conduct in global settings. The Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide expands knowledge in the field through research that builds and tests theories as the basis for evaluating and guiding practice. It develops conceptual frameworks, teaching materials, innovative pedagogies, course syllabi and workshops to assist the academic community in providing business ethics education.

The Institute serves as a source of reference and guidance to the practitioner community on business ethics. The Institute pursues its mission through active outreach to and partnerships with all disciplines in the Mendoza College of Business, appropriate centers and departments within the University, as well as external academic, policy and social institutes across the world. Mendoza faculty members are active participants in the United Nations Global Compact, a principles-based initiative that encourages businesses worldwide to adopt sustainability and socially responsible policies.