International Development Studies Academic Minor

Date Range: 2010 - Present Project Lead: Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity

In 2010, the Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity launched a minor in International Development Studies (IDS). The IDS minor provides students with the opportunity to learn about and contribute to the international development discourse.  IDS provides context and an academic foundation for students to analyze the dynamics of development across the globe and assists in preparing students to pursue graduate studies in or related to development studies. Since the field of development studies is interdisciplinary in nature, students are required to take courses in a variety of disciplines, that equip them with a broad lens through which to view and investigate development challenges. Students from all colleges and departments are accepted. A central component of the IDS minor is a field-based research project in the developing world, allowing students to contribute to the Ford Program's mission of seeking solutions to real-world challenges by examining the causes and consequences of extreme poverty.