Invasive Species Project

Country: Zambia Date Range: 2008-2013 Project Lead: Environmental Change Initiative

In Zambia, researchers with the University of Notre Dame’s Environmental Change Initiative conducted research on the impacts of a non-native fish, the Nile tilapia, which was introduced through aquaculture. Many non-native species become invasive and are a common causes of loss of native biodiversity and changes in ecosystem function. Some can threaten human health and cause enormous financial damage to crops, forests, and industrial infrastructure all over the world. In Zambia, our researchers investigated the impacts of the nonindigenous Nile tilapia and explored the pathways (of commerce and human behavior) by which this cultured fish species interacted with native species, and how those interactions affected community and ecosystem function. This research, and the ongoing research in many other areas of the world, has direct application to natural resource management and policy.