Lacor Entrepreneurship Center

Country: Uganda Date Range: 2012 Project Lead: Mendoza College of Business

In 2012, the 31 Lengths Campaign built the physical structure and designed, implemented and is operating the programming of an entrepreneurship center on the campus of the Lacor Secondary School in Northern Uganda. The center empowers students who live without sufficient hope and resources to reach their boundless potential by connecting resources for business education resulting in economic development to overcome strife and reinforce human dignity. The foundational principle for the project, “Business as a Force for Good”, empowers students to believe in and achieve their own boundless potential by encouraging them to try, to not fear, realizing that success is a fruit of failure. The 31 Lengths Campaign is a legacy of Mendoza’s Class of 2012 MBA program and a student-led initiative which actively engaged a large percentage of the class while living the Mendoza mission of business being a force for good.