Narrative History of BOSCO

Funded by: Fetzer Institute Country: Uganda Date Range: 2013-2014 Project Lead: Dept. of Physics

BOSCO Uganda provides wireless, solar-powered internet connectivity to the former Internally Displaced Persons camps in Northern Uganda. Launched in 2007 with the assistance of Notre Dame alumni and faculty, BOSCO-Uganda has grown to an established local NGO with a rich set of independent international partnerships. From its inception, the BOSCO network has been an effort to help the people of war-torn Northern Uganda recover from 20 years of cultural scouring and isolation, and prepare for the onset of globalization in a manner guided by informed community leadership at local and regional levels.

This project began a narrative history of BOSCO, focusing on the role of love, forgiveness, and related virtues in the exercise of BOSCO's mission, providing the foundational stage of a case study for the Fetzer Institute of how these virtues guide a nonprofit initiative. The project was designed to tell the story up to and through the launch of BOSCO's activities in Southern Sudan. The intensification of hostilities there forced a redesign of the project; tools were developed to communicate BOSCO's history and mission briefly to new sites, and relationships across the Ugandan-South Sudanese border were further developed to prepare the way for eventual implementation of the first BOSCO site in Kajo Keji.

Dr. Thomas Loughran, professor of physics, led this project. NDIGD advised on tools for monitoring and evaluation.