Program on Law and Human Development

Project Lead: The Law School

The Program on Law and Human Development at Notre Dame Law School embraces an innovative approach to the role of law and justice in human development, recognizing that interdisciplinary work on law and globalization can help generate new understandings and solutions to real human problems. The Program collaborates closely with scholars at the Law School and throughout the University who are working on issues relevant to human development. Programmatic work is focused around four “clusters” of priority themes:

  1. development of the human community, especially in the context of migration, pluralistic or marginalized communities, and human ecology;
  2. issues of justice and charity in the economic sphere, across and within national borders;
  3. environment and responsible stewardship of natural resources—the role of law in achieving sustainable and equitable distribution and use of the world’s natural assets; and
  4. health and technology—exploring the legal rights and responsibilities associated with global efforts to protect and promote the physical well-being and integrity of all human persons.