Teaching Children to "Play Like a Champion Today"™

Country: Uganda, Thailand Date Range: 2010, 2015 Project Lead: "Play Like A Champion Today" Educational Series


In 2010, Play Like a Champion Today conducted a teaching program in Uganda, mentoring children and teenagers in the villages of Kkindu and in Bugembe. The University of Notre Dame's Play Like a Champion Today helps youth and high school sports programs reflect Gospel values and promote the character development of young athletes. The educational series is an innovative coach, parent, and athlete education program that is transforming the culture of sports today. Play Like a Champion Today provides an athlete-centered, research-based approach through interactive coaching clinics, athlete leadership sessions, and sports parent workshops. Play Like a Champion applies core values to sports, working with coaches and young athletes in Uganda to continue to develop good moral character through the games they play.



In 2015, Play Like a Champion Today conducted a leadership program in Chiang Mai, Thailand, mentoring coaches and athletic directors in the region. In the Champion Leadership Seminar for coaches from the eight schools that comprise the Chiang Mai Athletic Conference, participants discussed issues involving the importance of service and character-focused sports education.