University Partnership For Outreach, Research and Development

Country: Uganda Date Range: 2008-Present Project Lead: Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity Notre Dame Collaborators: Kellogg Institute for International Studies

Since 2008, the Kellogg Institute for International Studies' Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity has worked to empower people challenged by extreme poverty, while enhancing and expanding teaching and learning opportunities for Notre Dame faculty and students in the field of human development studies. Through partnerships with universities and communities in developing countries, the program promotes research that makes a positive difference in the lives of people struggling with the challenges of human development. The program partners with a group of villages in central Uganda to address causes and consequences of rural poverty.

Through the Ford Program, the University of Notre Dame has partnered with Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) to advance the study and practice of human development by engaging with a local community facing a variety of complex challenges. The collaboration aims to build solidarity; alleviate human suffering; and make a positive, measurable, and sustainable difference in people’s lives. Notre Dame and UMU have established a community partnership with Nnindye Parish, a cluster of rural villages in Mpigi District near the UMU campus. With other local, national, and international partners, the universities are working with Nnindye residents to find creative and sustainable solutions to their development challenges.

As a first step, Nnindye has undertaken a mobilization and action planning process led by local leaders. Together, residents have identified progressive goals for education, health, livelihoods, and infrastructure. Current projects include creating community demonstration gardens, strengthening the village health team, and improving access to safe water and sanitation.