Xenophobia Outreach Campaign

Funded by: Sappi Fine Paper North America Country: South Africa Date Range: 2011 Project Lead: Dept. of Art, Art History & Design

In 2011, University of Notre Dame graphic design faculty and students designed materials for a media outreach campaign in Johannesburg, South Africa to raise awareness around issues of xenophobia. Faculty worked with local organizations in South Africa to develop a multifaceted public relations campaign promoting unity through diversity while orienting immigrants to South African social services.

Four projects were completed to effect change through communication: a book on refugee rights; a campaign for health care rights, written in six different languages (English, Zulu, Sesotho, Portuguese, French and Afrikaans); a replicable community event where people gathered for a cookout and painted over hateful graffiti; and a children’s book, “Blooming Together.” The project plans for the future include expansion of the story and curriculum for older children, impact measurement tools and scaling the campaign for other South African communities, as well as refining it for other regions of the world affected by xenophobia.

A $50,000 Ideas That Matter grant was awarded by Sappi Fine Paper North America for the project.